COMPANY NAME: InfoDirectors, Inc.
EXPERIENCE: 16+ years
**EHR (renewed Q4 2016)​

  **Well versed in all NextGen;  can
     provide guidance on NGKBM
    configuration, File Maint..,  etc...

About Me


I'm a 14-year NextGen EHR expert who specializes in clinical workflow design and template development - I just LOVE it and I enjoy teaching others how to do it. I've worked with most specialties and appreciate developing compliantly in conjunction with the KBM as well as creating cool custom content to fill specialty specific holes. I have also been known to develop creative solutions to help better flow through regulatory clicks.

Over the years, I've found that clients who had available, in-house resources were better served being trained on template and document development directly in their own environment with their practice's real-world issues. With much success in this model, I am now offering development training separately as an à la carte service.

I enjoy teaching beginners all the way to advanced development and debugging. No problem too small. Contact me for a free consultation.

Basic Training

​​and I’m a NextGen Electronic Health Records expert based in North Carolina.

Quick Facts

Training Services

Ready for new challenges?

Need an extra set of eyes?  Bring your development specs and receive guidance creating dynamic content

"I honestly cannot say enough about Julie.  She is a great resource, easy to work with, and very knowledgeable when it comes to template development.  I have taken the Template Editor courses provided by NextGen, but there have been many instances where Julie has taught me things that were not covered in the NextGen courses.  She is also a great person to brainstorm with, and when you just cannot figure out why something is not working correctly, she is the perfect second set of eagle eyes to help you troubleshoot.  I guess you could say that Julie is my “ace in the hole.”

Supporting Training

We should work together. Shoot me a message today!

Need to learn the basics, but don't have the time to go to the onsite training offered? I can help and teach you in the comfort of your schedule.

"I was serious about the endorsement. This was the most productive UGM that we ever attended;  primarily because of all the things that you have taught us.  We actually understood all of the upgrade issues that were discussed."

 Learn more about me and my
​ NextGen-based consulting services at

Advanced Training

For More Information


"Issues that would take me hours, or even days to figure out, take Julie minutes to find. Calling her saves me so much time and energy."
Hi! My name is

Post 4-day onsite training, I  help folks apply the knowledge learned in own Test environment using real-world issues/problems.

 Mary Jane Woodward @ Arthritis and Rheumtology Associates, P.C. ​
Email post NextGen User Group Meeting (UGM) 2013
"Julie taught me template development from the ground up and after 'graduating' from her training more than 10 years ago, I know she is still always a text/email/call away if I ever need her expertise. I have recommended her time and time again and will always sing her praises."


Kristin Byrd @ Gastroenterology Associates, P.A.
Simpsonville, SC

Ana Reyes @ Arthritis and Rheumtology Associates, P.C. MD/DC
Tom McDevitt @ Rheumatology Specialty Center Willow Grove, PA